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The Fun Food Family brings you our flagship Peppa Pig range along with other quality frozen and chilled brands all under one roof, supplying into supermarkets, wholesale, food service and smaller retail customers.

Our aim is to help parents in encouraging their kids to eat more fruit and vegetables and to get them to explore a wider range of fruit and vegetables.

Heaven Made Foods

Heavenmade Foods specialise in making luxury desserts for the foodservice, wholesale and Retail trades. Our business is based on maintaining high standards, recognising new trends in the market and applying them to our extensive range of products.
We understand our clients’ needs and respond by delivering a service that is reliable, consistent, innovative and yet produced using traditional methods.

A.P. East Anglia

Independently owned and managed, APEA is a well-established, responsive and flexible vegetable processing company based in the heart of Norfolk.
Our mission is always to match or exceed our customer’s expectations – for quality, range of products and service.

Introducing our flagship Peppa Pig range which includes Ready to Eat Jelly along with Peppa shaped Carrots & Potato Faces. Based on the world wide Children’s smash hit series.

Groupe Francaise de Gastronomie


More and more consumers wish to indulge themselves with the authentic flavour of French cuisine.

Today, less time is spent in preparing meals and people tend to eat more snacks. At the same time, however, people attach greater importance to the pleasure of dining and products prepared in a traditional way become increasingly popular. Française de Gastronomie caters to this market trend by continually innovating its supply of rigorously selected products. The very nature of our production makes life simpler for the consumer.

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